Conceptualized during a winter vacation in Ghana when its creator, Zainab, was with her family and boyfriend, Zainab’s seven-year-old sister looked across the table and asked a seemingly innocent question:

“Why aren’t you and your boyfriend married yet?”

Taken aback by her sister’s curiosity, Zainab spent the rest of her trip posing the same question to herself.

Upon self-reflection, she realized that her apprehension was due, in part, to her fear of divorce and the undiscovered answers to questions she hadn’t yet mustered up the courage to ask her partner. Her little sister’s inquiry was a revelation, and it sparked even more questions like, “Why are couples so wary of being transparent with each other?”

A few months later, A Game for Couples was born.

Zainab’s goal was to develop topic categories that explore some of the most crucial aspects of relationships; ethics and values, family history, finance, health, and intimacy.

A Game for Couples is designed to get the essential dialogue started in a fun and engaging way.



Congratulations! Owning this game means you and your partner have taken an important step in your commitment to each other. 

It also indicates that you’re both about to answer “tough” questions all couples should ask each other but too often avoid, because, let’s face it: it’s not easy to build a long-lasting relationship with someone.

My advice for how to approach this game is the same as how to approach any new relationship. Don’t feel rushed! We live in a culture where TV shows and movies carelessly feature relationships that arrive out of thin air and blossom within a few hours. It’s unrealistic to expect that of real life.

If you’re willing to play A Game for Couples, then you’re willing to expand upon what you’ve already built together and take steps toward a deeper companionship.