Having the tools to help you discuss the tough topics sets the foundation for a healthy relationship built on communication, honesty and trust.



Committed Couples

In it for the long-haul but not thinking nuptials? Come on in. Successful relationships rely on clear, honest communication, and with this game, you’ll have a companionship tool that'll help you ask and answer the important questions.

Courting Couples

Thinking of popping the big Q? This one’s for you. A game-changing communication tool, A Game for Couples will help you understand your partner on a much deeper level before advancing to the alter.

Married Couples

So, you forgot to ask if your spouse has debt. We’ve been there. It’s a tough, personal and possibly insulting inquiry. We provide the tools so you can ask about it in a thoughtful and neutral environment.


We start with a warm up and then move on to any of the following: finances, health, relationships, family, and ethics.

We do not encourage using this game as a form of couples therapy or professional counseling. The topics and questions are selected to closely align with many of the issues that motivate couples to seek outside help in their relationships, but this game is not a substitute for treatment. Ultimately, we encourage life partners to engage in respectful conversations, and if a licensed counselor uses our game cards or finds them beneficial, then we would be thrilled to have helped initiate wholesome dialogue between couples. However, this game should not be used in place of professional guidance for couples.

This is entirely up to you. The game can be played in one sitting, but like some of the longer games to complete, such as Risk or Dungeons and Dragons, it will take hours. There is no need to finish A Game for Couples in a preset amount of time. It’s ok to take days, weeks, and even months to move through all the questions. We just hope you will commit to each other that once you begin, you will see it through to the end.

Level Up Your Love


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